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Fire Retardant Spray - 15 x 5 Litre Containers

15 x 5 Litre Fire Retardant Fabric Spray (fabric fire proofing)

Coverage as a rule, 1 litre will cover approx 10mtr sq (750ml spray bottles cover 7 to 8mtr sq)

Available in four convenient sizes:

  1. 50 ml tester bottle - try before you buy bigger size
  2. 750 ml bottle with spray applicator
  3. 5 Litre container, can be used to refill the 750 ml spray bottle, or can be applied with a garden sprayer
  4. 25 Litre drum. perfect cost effective solution for extra large areas,

Note: Each litre covers an area of approximately 10 square meters, you can efficiently treat a variety of surfaces. Whether it's natural or synthetic materials, the product is a water-based solution which will effectively penetrate and protect any absorbent fabric or material.

Rest assured, this product meets the standards set by BS5852 :: 1990 and BS5867 :: part 2:1980, ensuring its quality and reliability. Additionally, it boasts a non-toxic formula that is both odorless and colorless, making it safe for use in any environment.

Proudly manufactured in the UK

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